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A copper bottle opener with the image of Poseidon riding dolphins. A leather cord attaches at the top.
Copper bottle-opener necklace

At the flea market, I saw this and thought that chunky necklace would look good with a plain top. The dealer asked if I was interested in the bottle opener.

We both saw value in the copper piece, just the usage would be different. Now I have the added benefit that someday I may be able to save a party by opening beer bottles with my necklace.

Can you tell what the image is?

At flea markets, I often hope to see an item at a table filled with tools, sports memorabilia, or weapons, in which the dealer would never see its potential as art or for jewelry. A "trinket" that he would undervalue and I could repurpose.

Is there something you are overlooking because you only see a single purpose for it? Treasures surrounds us waiting to be found.

According to eBay sellers, the image is Poseidon riding dolphins. My husband thinks they look more like squids, and he is a fisherman.

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