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Visual bios allow you to tell your story, highlighting what's important for people to know, and condensing the unimportant. They can act as resumes, showcases your experience, or tell the tale of your business.

Small businesses and solo entrepreneurs can post it to their "About Us" page to add visual interest and excitement.

Visual bios can be printed and used as a handout so people will remember you.

Visual bio for Kit Irwin

A visual bio can take many forms, such as a metaphor.

Visual bio for Kit Irwn as a metamorphosis metaphor

Below are some visual bios that I created for clients. The nature of the person's life determined the format for the bio.: whether a meandering path where each step led up to the current career; an assortment of diverse occupations that demonstrate skills needed by the current career; or a full life concerned with the here and now.

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