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Doodling Alone with Feedback

A woman using a mouse to draw based on a prompt on the screen
Draw a blank

If you want to develop your doodling skills in private but with feedback, the online game from Google can help. It tests you to draw something within 20 seconds. After six items, it tells you how you did and let’s you see what other people drew.

Your doodles will help Google's neural network become better at recognizing drawings. It will help you simplify your drawings. However, whether your drawing is accurate is best left up to you. For example, the prompt "paint brush" did not recognize an artist's paint brush; it was weighted towards ones used to paint walls.

The danger is this game can become a time suck There is something pleasant about doodling and bring told, "Yes, I recognize that."

The benefit is that you can develop the courage to share your doodles with real people. Simple doodles are even more easily understood and appreciated by humans.

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