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Doodling with Alzheimers

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Caricature of Kit Irwin drawn by someone with Alzheimers
Caricature of me drawn by someone with Alzheimers

I had the privilege to led a session on doodling for a support group for people with Alzheimer and dementia. The happiness you find in young children can be found in this group since they live in the moment.

Two men enjoyed doodling and making funny drawings of each other. One also drew me and I was unaware how long my nose had grown. It must have melted in the heat.

When asked to draw what they drew when they were young, another man drew a detailed train. I was impressed. He told me hadn’t drawn one since he was young. He found joy in the drawing but since he had no caretaker with him — he had come in a van from a nursing home — he would not remember to draw again. Hopefully, someone will ask him to doodle. is a great organization that leads regular activities for people with Alzheimers and dementia and their caretakers.

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