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Ritual Drawing

During a Drawing Together Graphic Medicine session, we were asked to draw a ritual that's been important during COVID 19. I immediately thought of my quest to declutter my basement and started drawing a flow chart to represent the activity. I was amazed how drawing revealed three key points about my efforts.

Flowchart of my decluttering ritual
Flowchart of my decluttering ritual

  1. I overcomplicate the process. Decluttering is a decision intensive activity. As I drew the flow chart, I realized that I was simplifying the actual steps. For example, there is a place for an object but that location is already full, what then?

  2. If the answer to "Is this trash?" was yes more often, my progress would be swifter.

  3. Since I've overcomplicated things, it's not clear where to begin. One of the final arrows I drew, needed to come before the starting point hence obscuring it. When a task is overwhelming, it can be hard to start it.

Draw one of your rituals and see what you learn.

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